Baking with Citrus

Gluten-Free Lemon Date Bars

Baking with Citrus As we enter the late spring and early summer months, it is only natural that our taste buds begin to crave bold, bright, and fresh flavors. While berries and stone fruit are in season during these months, there is just something about citrus that hits the spot. From a glass of cool […]

Cooking with Citrus

citrus wrap ingredients

Cooking with Citrus Citrus is undeniably one of the most versatile and enjoyable of fruit groups to cook with. It can be sweet, it can be sour, and it can even be something in between. The possibilities are nearly endless, and here at Homegrown we are big fans of incorporating citrus into our daily cooking […]

Organic Citrus Seasons

organic citrus harvest

Organic Citrus Seasons It takes time to wrap your head around the many citrus fruit varieties available organically throughout the year. When are they actually in season? With this guide, you’ll begin building a solid foundation of understanding Homegrown Organic Farms’ organic citrus availability. An important note, our citrus varieties may change as the years go […]