Everyone loves guacamole. So we decided to take it up a notch—and add some citrus. A unique—and tasty—twist on a classic recipe that’s sure to please!


1 whole HGO Organic Grapefruit, diced with pith removed
½ of a ripe Hass Avocado, diced into large chunks
½ cup assorted Organic heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, diced
½ cup Red Onion diced
2 Tbsp Jalapeño peppers diced (for less heat, substitute Sweet Bell or Anaheim peppers, for more heat use Serrano peppers)
1 Tbsp Cilantro chopped finely
½ Tbsp ground Cumin powder
½ tsp Cayenne pepper
½ tsp Salt


Place all ingredients (prepared as directed) in a medium size bowl. Sprinkle on Cumin powder, Cayenne pepper, and Salt, then toss. For a chunkier guacamole/salsa leave the Avocado in chunks, or mash Avocado for a smoother guacamole consistency. Serve with chips or on your favorite fish or chicken dish! Makes approx. 8 oz.

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