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Families everywhere are faced with the difficulties of shopping for and providing good snacks for their loved ones. And for those of us who prefer healthy snack options, it’s no longer nearly impossible to avoid foods with ingredient lists that read like a foreign language.

Fruit lovers especially no longer need to plan, prep, and execute in order to indulge in their favorites while on the move. And if your favorite fruit is apples—you’re in luck! Freeze-dried apples can officially bridge the gap between fresh fruits and on-the-go ease.

Ingredients You Can Pronounce

Freeze-dried apples have one of the simplest ingredient lists you’ll find—containing simply freeze-dried fuji apples treated with citric acid (to prevent browning). It’s a straight-forward, no-strings-attached, people-friendly ingredient list that even a child can understand with ease.

Looking back, how many times can you say there’s been a snack that’s satisfying, nutritious, and contains ingredients the entire family can understand? Think of long family road trips, mid-shopping snacks, and the times we all crave something real. Crunchy apple slices fit the bill.

A New Type of Crunch

Who enjoys the delightful crunch of biting into an apple? Its freeze-dried counterpart pays homage to the fresh apple’s crispy bite, providing a consistent crunch that creates something new and magical to experience through the moisture removal process of freeze-drying.

Once freeze-dried, apples become airy and cloud-like. Nothing prepares you, it’s simply that great.

Pairing Options? Potentially Limitless

A fundamental perk of freeze-dried fruit (beyond its 18-month shelf life): it can be paired with practically anything.

Yogurt? Delicious. Freshly baked muffins? Give it a try! Smoothies? You bet! Incorporate them into your dinner for a sweet note, or into your child’s school lunch as a health-conscious dessert option. In each of these scenarios, taste buds are the clear winners.

There’s more to freeze-dried apples than a bunch of crunchy slices in a bag. They are new, true, fruit snacks. Once the moisture removal is complete, they retain up to 96% of their nutrients. Fruit made portable.

A tip for busy families:

Be sure to reseal your bag so the apples stay perfectly crunchy. Freeze-dried foods absorb any moisture in the air around them, so a tight seal on the bag is very important to avoid a loss of crunch!

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