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As busy parents, it’s so easy to be tempted to purchase candy and other sweets for our kids. When you look around the grocery store, there are often more sugary options than fresh, health-conscious snacks.

There is a simple solution that requires very little effort: add even more fruit to your weekly meal planning list in order to help replace the sugary snack options for your kids.

Research says Americans don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables despite the USDA’s dietary guidelines. By adding more healthy snack items to our diets, our kids (and the entire family!) can reap positive benefits. Also, as parents, it’s an excellent opportunity to lead by example.

A Foundation for Lifelong Healthy Eating Habits

One of the biggest advantages of scrapping the candy for good and replacing it with fruit is the strong foundation it sets for our little ones’ futures.

Teaching them early in life to take care of themselves is extremely important. We want our youngsters to stay healthy, strong, and spirited throughout their lives, and this is just one of the ways we can do so.

We can guide them toward leading robust, healthy lives through the selection of nourishing food choices. As parents of the future generation, we can help them avoid the struggles of an unbalanced relationship with food.

Fruit: Nature’s Sweets

One of the biggest attractions for parents to products like candy is that kids rarely, if ever, complain about eating it. If you’re a parent, you know this is a constant struggle, and it feels like a battle of wits.

You don’t particularly care for convincing your kids to eat their snacks, and it’s especially true when our lovely munchkins claim to be suffering from debilitating hunger—even though they ate less than an hour ago. Am I right, parents?

Fruit provides the sweetness kids tend to expect in their snacks and the nutrient content that puts parents’ minds at ease.

An Excellent Source of Vitamins

Pick up some of your favorite fruit, do some research, and you’ll find it contains some of the most essential vitamins our bodies thrive on. (You know, the ones you often struggle to get your kids to consume enough of through food alone.) Not only are fruits of all sorts an excellent source of vitamins, but most of them are also naturally low in sodium, fat, and calories with no cholesterol.

Vitamins are not only fundamental for daily health, but also to our children’s growth and development. Each type of fruit has its own special set of nutritional talents. Have you ever looked up your favorite fruits to learn more about the vitamins in each?


There are many types of fruit preparations available today that we’ve become spoiled with. Nearly all fruit varieties are readily available at our fingertips year around. From blueberries to peaches, if you can’t find your favorite fruit fresh, you can almost always find it frozen or freeze-dried.

Thanks to advancing technologies, fruit is just as convenient as any other sugary snack—we only need to give them a chance. Throw a bag of freeze-dried fruit into your bag or cut a peach for the road and witness the difference for yourself.

We’re retro snacksters, bringing back the good ‘ole days. Picking fruit off the tree when you’re hungry and simply going for it without any of the guilt associated with sugar. Not convinced? Take a gander at the fruit nutrition database and see for yourself.

Might we suggest a peach, plum, or a handful of blueberries? For more fruit fun, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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    This is true. We have to keep and chew on fresh fruits rather than candies. Always have an available stock of raisins and energy balls to keep you healthy and energized

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