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Navel Mesh Bag

We receive this inquiry from you—our customer community—so often it has become a Frequently Asked Question! We thank you because we believe it’s a question that should be asked! That question is:

“Is your citrus packaging recyclable?”

We understand that it’s important to understand not only where your organic produce comes from, but also what sustainability measures are in place to keep our environment sound. While we cannot talk about every piece of packaging that we’ve ever produced, we will be covering the most popular styles of late that you’re the most likely to find on store shelves.

Zippered Pouch Bag

Mandarin Zippered Pouch BagYou’ll likely find our organic mandarins in this pack style. The zippered pouch bags are #5 Recyclable; although some curbside programs may not accept this type of plastic, there are other independent programs that will gladly take them off your hands.

Why do we use #5 plastic (polypropylene)? There are many benefits that make this type of plastic the best choice for shipping organic citrus. They are lightweight, durable, and don’t break down in high heat, moisture, or because of oil. All of which help us make sure the fruit makes it to you in one tasty piece. While independent recycling programs are only gaining in popularity, we have high hopes that they’ll become more accessible to communities in the future.

Mesh Citrus Bags

Lemon Mesh BagThese mesh bags are usually found holding Homegrown lemons, limes, navels, and more citrus fruits across the market. Unlike the zippered pouch, these mesh bags are #2 Recyclable and can be processed by most community curbside programs.

In addition to being easily recycled—there are many ways to reuse this handy mesh material before sending it off to be repurposed.

Try wadding it up in a ball (secured with an elastic) for use as a non-stick scrubber for pots, pans, and other dishes. It’s also handy as a produce bag for your next trip to the market. Or, use it to hold a block of birdfeed to hang as a DIY bird feeder. If you have any more ideas to reuse mesh bags, we’re all ears. Let us know!

At the end of the day, we all want the same thing, to do the right thing. We’re always looking for ways to improve and be better for you, the planet, and all future generations. This is a large part of what drives the Homegrown Organic Farms team to be stewards of the land.


  • Terri says:

    Thankful for your organic produce, but as we all know the recycling industry is struggling. Although the pouch bag is handy, I don’t think the zipper is really necessary and adds more plastic (which maybe isn’t recyclable). Thank you.

  • Sam says:

    I would greatly appreciate if you used compostable packaging! I think it’s ironic that we package these foods anyways, because the peels keep the fruit safe, and we mostly discard it, and when it’s used for zest, we wash anyways. The compostable packaging takes awhile to degrade too, but it does!

  • Anna Freeman says:

    If you do put a mesh bag in the trash — is it better as far as the fish, etc. in the ocean, to cut the mesh into pieces or leave the bag in tact?

  • Jack says:

    Thank you for this informative post. Please consider switching to either paper bags or bags made with the same material as plastic shopping bags, so they could be easily dropped off for recycling at most supermarkets. No offense, but all “reuse” ideas for citrus nets are once-in-a-lifetime gimmicks that do nothing good for the environment. You know it; we know it. Let’s stop pretending like they are worth anything… None of the reasons listed above really justify using hard-to-recycle plastics or small plastic zipper sliders that end up in landfills or inside birds and marine animals. Thank you for your consideration!

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