Join us in creating a world where every harvest is valued, every farmer is supported, and every family is nourished.

Because every piece of produce deserves a place on your table.


Discover Hidden Beauty

In a world, where perfect size, perfect color, and perfect unblemished produce often guide our preferences, we encourage you to look beyond appearances. It may not be love at first sight with those whimsically shaped fruits, but it's what's on the inside that truly counts!
Despite their unique appearances, these imperfect foods promise the same great taste, nutrients, and exceptional quality. We challenge the notion that flawless exteriors define value, urging you to discover the hidden beauty within every piece of Harvest Rescue produce – a testament to the belief that real worth goes beyond surface judgments.

Join Our Rescue Mission

From Seed to Harvest, From Store to Home

When you shop and eat Harvest Rescue, you actively contribute to:

Supporting Farmers & Farmworkers

Every purchase of Harvest Rescue only values the dedication of these farmers but also recognizes the inherent imperfections in their yield. Bringing you the best, albeit not always perfect, produce.

Reducing Your Grocery Bill

Choosing Harvest Rescue allows you to enjoy high-quality, organic produce at a more affordable price, making healthy eating accessible to everyone.

Reducing Food Waste

Say goodbye to unnecessary waste! Imperfect doesn’t mean inedible. By embracing imperfections, we celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of each harvest. Harvest Rescue helps us make a positive impact by saving produce that could otherwise go to waste.

Making Organic Produce Accessible to All

By embracing imperfections, we make organic options more easily available, fostering a healthier lifestyle for all.

Get to know your farmers

We believe it’s important to know how, where, and who is growing the food on your table. Tune into our GrownBy video series to learn about four HGO families moving the needle in the fruit world.