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Blueberries are one of the most beloved fruits in the world. These small blue bites have a rich history that has improved our world in many ways over the years. Today, blueberries play a prominent role in the food industry and can be purchased in many different forms: fresh, in pre-made foods and mixes, frozen, and now: freeze-dried for your enjoyment.

The process of freeze-drying fruit creates what some would consider a brand new product. One that boasts a great taste and contains the near-exact nutrient content as its fresh counterparts; otherwise known as absolutely zero added sugars or preservatives.

You may be asking: if the taste and ingredients are the same, how could it possibly be considered a new product? Freeze-drying is a unique process that removes up to 98% of the moisture from each piece of fruit. The results are light, airy, crunchy blueberries that present a very different consistency than its fresh counterparts.

In other words, you probably won’t want to share while at the same time developing an urge to tell everyone you know about them. They can create quite the conundrum.

For Breakfast, For Brunch, For On-The-Go Fun

freeze-dried blueberries

Fresh blueberries are phenomenal in taste, texture, and how many ways they can be used. We recognized that special versatility and began freeze-drying blueberries…and as you might have guessed we haven’t looked back since.

It’s normal to assume that freeze-dried blueberries were created exclusively for snacking, but they can also be used in just as many recipes fresh blueberries can. Flexibility is what makes them great. They’ll add life to something dull and quench a sweet tooth within just a few bites.

The Many Benefits of Freeze-Dried Fruit

One of the struggles with keeping fresh fruit at home is that it’ll always spoil if not eaten quick enough. For those that have family fruit consumption down to a science, keep doing that, it’s not easy and very impressive! Others who constantly battle with the freshness timetable will truly appreciate freeze-dried fruit’s impressive 18-month shelf-life. (Not that they normally last that long before being devoured).

Tip: keep the bag tightly sealed to keep those little blues crunchy!

So what do you say? Would you eat a crunchy blueberry? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Buy a bag for yourself on Amazon!


  • Carlleen says:

    The blueberries are no longer available on Amazon. Could you tell me where I can buy them??
    SAINT Petersburg Florida.

    • HGO Farms says:

      Hi there, Carlleen. Thanks for visiting our blog! We apologize that the freeze-dried blueberries are no longer available on Amazon. Do not fret, though! They will be available for purchase online again very soon with the new packaging. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time:

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