A Note From a Nutritionist: Winter Wellness

ginger turmeric shot

New on the blog, A Note From a Nutritionist featuring the Wel Nourished team! With the winter season upon us, it is important to choose foods that will nourish our bodies and keep us healthy during cold and flu season! The nutritionists at Wel, encourage their clients to eat seasonally because it promotes variety and ensures that our bodies […]

Our Favorite Blueberry Recipes


Our Favorite Blueberry Recipes Summer is a special time in that so many fruits are in season, with our fan favorite blueberries being at the top of the list! Here at Homegrown, we have collected a series of blueberry recipes for you to try throughout your summer, and we hope that you enjoy them. Tag […]

Farmworker Awareness Week 2022

organic blueberry tractor

Farmworker are Always Essential There are 914 million acres of farmland in America that grow a variety of fresh foods for the world to enjoy. Farmworkers work year round to ensure the availability of the bounty found in your local grocery stores. The crucial role that farmworkers have in our food systems were only amplified […]

Meet a Grower: Lynn & Sally Shafer

sally and lynn shafer

Meet Lynn & Sally Shafer As is so often the case with growers, Lynn and Sally Shafer’s passion for organic farming began at a young age. For Lynn, the interest was kindled by working on farms in Northern California during his college summers, and for Sally it started when she saw her father cultivating a […]

Let’s Bee Better: Look for the Seal

A pollinator bee buzzing around an Oregon blueberry flower during spring bloom.

A World Without Bees At first glance, a certification that involves bees can seem strange. Unimportant even. After all, what do bees have to do with the produce we consume? Digging a little deeper, it quickly becomes apparent that bees and produce go hand in hand, and a certification that addresses this relationship is not […]

Organic Blueberry Seasons


Organic Blueberry Seasons With the start of the 2021 season, it couldn’t be a better time to do so! Compared to organic citrus’ seasonal timeline the simplicity that blueberries offer is refreshing. As you know, a lack of complexity in produce cultivation is as rare as it is delightful, especially when you crave our plump, […]