Organic fruit is our passion.

We’re family farmers, and we’ve been exclusively growing and marketing certified organic produce since 1998. Founded on our pledge of stewardship to properly care for the land, we believe in returning what the soil abundantly provides. This requires an uncompromising commitment to safe food and a quality expectation that’s second-to-none. And it means we only offer to you what we trust to our own families.

An Employee-Owned Company

Homegrown Organic Farms is an employee-owned company that’s part of a family of companies operating in many areas of the agricultural industry. Together, we represent over 100 different farmer with a total of more than 7,000 acres in organic farming. From fresh produce sales to farm management operations, we have a single mission to deliver the absolute best fruit to your table.

For us, sustainability runs deep and wide.
It takes a knockout team to produce the best organic produce on the planet. From growers, packing house personnel and picking crews to shipping, sales and accounting, each person plays a critical role. We’re all working in tandem with nature, the soil and the environment to provide great choices for healthy food around the world. We think it’s a worthy—and tasty—cause.
We Are Cultivating Care

Stories of caring are all around us. Sometimes these stories are so common they are often not even shared among our members. We wanted to gather these examples of community building and sustainability all in one place.

The stories included in this program not only showcase new farming practices and conservation strategies happening in the Homegrown sphere, but also feature ways our team members and growers give back to their communities.

We Are People Making A Difference.

You’ll find stories about feeding the populations, innovating farming practices, creating long-term partnerships, and caring for the land. Though most of the people who are featured in this program might consider their stories to be “old news,” this is the first time we’ve had an outlet to share and celebrate them in this way.

It is our hope and intention that these stories will continue to grow as we discover more of the good happening among our growers and our team. We hope you’ll enjoy jumping into our world and experiencing all the ways we are striving to make a difference by remaining committed to caring.

Food Safety is our Priority.

We are caretakers of the people we feed. And that means a commitment to food safety — from field to shipment.