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We know drinking lots of water throughout the day helps your body perform at its best. But what about the benefits of adding organic lemon to your water? Is it just a celeb fad?

We’ve gathered some facts regarding what lemon water can do for you.

Kickstart Your Daily Water Consumption

Especially after we’ve slept all night, our bodies are dehydrated and need water. Drinking water first thing in the morning will help knock out the sluggishness from sleep much better than caffeine (which also further dehydrates you). Squeeze the juice from 1 organic lemon into your water to help your body stay hydrated and awaken your system for the day.

Helps with Digestion & Essential Functions

The acidic value of lemons will help your stomach with digestion. Your liver also works hard while you sleep — and you can pump up its restorative action and naturally flush out toxins with the help of lemon water. Lemons help break down uric acid in the liver, there’s also research that points to lemons helping prevent kidney stones for those deficient in citric acid.

Get a Healthy Immune System Boost

Humans do not naturally produce vitamin C and we have to consume it daily to keep our bodies healthy. Most people think of oranges as providing vitamin C, but truthfully, all citrus fruit provides powerful doses of it. The juice from 1 organic lemon provides a third of your recommended daily value of vitamin C. That extra vitamin C will boost your immune system (especially helpful during the winter season). The potassium and folate in lemons pack a nutritional punch to help your body as well.

Provides Antioxidants

Phytochemicals within lemons provide important antioxidants that help your circulatory system and reduce inflammation. These flavonoids help protect your body against disease by repairing cell damage and helping prevent oxidation within the body. These benefits are also being studied in cancer prevention and treatments.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Of course, lemon water isn’t a miracle diet to help you lose large amounts of weight. More than anything, a healthy diet and exercise will keep your body in its peak condition. While drinking the recommended amount of water to protect all of your functions, the perks of lemon added to your water could help curb cravings and give your body a sense of fullness so you don’t snack unnecessarily.

Will you try lemon water to help your body?

More than anything, we need to drink lots of water to move toxins out of our system. Adding the juice (and pulp, if you like it!) from 1 organic lemon a day is a great way to kickstart your day and your metabolism. Cheers!

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