Everyday Smarter Snacking

Everyday Smarter Snacking

It’s 3:29 pm.

Lunch has been eaten and the afternoon slump has arrived. It’s easy to daydream of simply closing your eyes momentarily for a quick nap. Before totally submitting to the temptation, you somehow manage to snap yourself awake before your head hits the desk. Crisis averted, the day ticks on.

After what seems like ages, the clock once again draws your eye. It’s 3:30 pm, and now your hunger strikes. Unfortunately, it isn’t even close to dinnertime. How are you supposed to survive the hunger pangs and deflating mood?! A snack is just the thing you need. Despite what you have been told about the assumed pitfalls of snacking, it can, in fact, be a phenomenal pick-me-up when the rumbling stomach kicks in.

Snacking is far from wrong if you do it right!

A healthy lifestyle isn’t necessarily defined by a strict “three meals per day” policy. If that works for your body, continue to do that, but we would be willing to bet that a good number of your bodies need a tasty, nutritious snack to tide yourself over until it’s time for a proper meal.

Let’s dive into how a little healthy snacking can go a long way!

asian pear bowl
asian pear

Hungry? Eat!

If you are hungry, it’s safe to assume that your body is running low on fuel, in need of nourishment. Every human body needs energy so that it can best get you through the day. (And so you don’t fall asleep at your desk the next time 3:30 rolls around!) When you embrace healthy snacks, your body takes that food and converts it into energy. This, in turn, means your body and mind have the energy to concentrate on the work needed to be done. So, when that gnawing hunger rolls around, don’t tell yourself that you shouldn’t eat but, rather, make that happy trek to the fridge and fuel your body so that you can focus!

Trust us, your body will thank you.

Snack Smart!

Before you rush off to go grab that coconut donut you’ve been eyeing over the last hour (And no, just because it is coconut does not mean it is healthy,) let’s put down some snacking guidelines for maximum effectiveness:

Firstly, boredom does not count as hunger. If boredom strikes, drink some water, stretch a little, and get back to work!

The rule of thumb with healthy snacking is to choose snacks made with whole foods. This way, they’re quick to make and involve no guilt!

Pick snacks packed with nutrients. If you choose to have a snack, make it count by selecting one that is healthy and that will add to your general well-being, instead of detracting from it.

organic blueberries
blueberry snack

What to Eat?!

You’re probably wondering, “What should I eat? What is a ‘healthy’ snack?”

Rest assured, there are plenty of healthy snack options out there that’ll satisfy your cravings as well as the mid-afternoon fatigue. Do not limit yourself to the same snack of carrots and celery every day (although, that’s not a bad snack!). Mix things up and dig into these simple, healthy snacks:

Nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachios, etc.)

Fresh fruits

Hard-boiled eggs

Beef jerky


Peanut butter with celery

These are all great snack options because they’re packed with nutrients that are helpful to the health of your body. They add to your overall health instead of working against it. Not to mention, when you do actually get to meal-time, snacking will help you avoid overeating. Looking for more snack options? Check out our Pinterest and recipes for more yummy snack options!

Snacks can really improve your day, and make that wait for dinner a whole lot less miserable. Do you snack!? Let us know what healthy snacks you choose over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!