Celebrate Mom With More Than a Homemade Breakfast

Moms typically take care of their family’s needs before their own, so why not show her your appreciation by making Mother’s Day extra special. Think of it as a day to let her really rest and relax. She isn’t looking for anything fancy or expensive, it’s often the thoughtful gestures and meaningful gifts that show her how much she means to you and your family. I think most moms just want a day to enjoy their family without all the cooking, cleaning, and planning that goes into their regular day. Treat her to a day of rest, she will be so thankful you did! Below we are sharing a few ways to celebrate mom this Mothers Day that goes beyond a breakfast in bed. 

Set the Table for Breakfast

Set a simple breakfast table for mom, using what you have for place settings. Give it a meaningful touch and include fresh flowers as a centerpiece that will also double as a nice gift for her! You can grab a small bouquet of fresh flowers at your local grocery store or have them delivered, then arrange them in a vase to place on your breakfast table.

Make Her Breakfast and Do the Dishes

Make her a simple breakfast on Mothers Day. We have a Dad-friendly Dutch Pancake recipe, it is easy to prepare in the blender with minimal cleanup. She will love waking up to breakfast already made for her and the family. Be sure you do the dishes and cleanup after breakfast so she can sit back and relax!

Mother’s Day Breakfast Menu

Dutch Pancakes with Maple Butter Syrup

Organic Blueberries for Topping

Fresh Orange Orange Juice

Coffee (prepared how mom likes it)

Make a Handmade Gift or Cards

There is nothing a mother will cherish more than handmade cards and gifts from her children. This can be as simple as a hand drawn picture and a few sweet words with help from Dad for the younger ones. Capture everything you love about mom with a gift like Storyworth or make her a handmade gift that she can use everyday like a coffee mug painted by the kids!

Treat Her to Something Special

Show mom how thankful you are for her by celebrating with something special. This could be an outing to get a pedicure or message, a walk and picnic outside, maybe wash her car… with extra care to get all the cheerio crumbs from under the seat. Anything you think she might enjoy!

Take Care of Dinner

On this day of rest for mom, take care of the dinner planning for her! Make another easy dinner recipe or order takeout so mom doesn’t have to cook or clean up! This way she can continue to rest and enjoy her family for the evening.