Let’s Bee Better: Look for the Seal

A World Without Bees

At first glance, a certification that involves bees can seem strange. Unimportant even. After all, what do bees have to do with the produce we consume? Digging a little deeper, it quickly becomes apparent that bees and produce go hand in hand, and a certification that addresses this relationship is not to be ignored.

As we know, the produce we eat does not come out of thin air. It is cultivated over a process of many months, and each step of this process is essential to its growth. One of the most important steps for many fruits is pollination. Thanks to pollinators like bees, pollen is able to be transferred to flowers, which in turn allows for fertilization, ultimately resulting in fruit. It is a simple, everyday act, but so crucial! Without bees, this process would be impossible, and we would not enjoy the bounty of produce that we have today.

Unfortunately, bee species are in decline. From pesticides to habitat destruction, bees have the world against them in many ways, and it is becoming increasingly concerning to consider the future of produce if measures are not taken to protect the bees. This is where the Bee Better Certification comes in.

bee flying around blueberry blooom

Better Bee Certification

The Bee Better certification was created to protect bees and give both growers and consumers the opportunity to play a part in pollinator conservation. When pollinator colonies are protected from threats, their populations are given a chance to rebound.

For the growers’ part, they can become Bee Better certified, which indicates that they use certified, pollinator-friendly conservation practices on their farms. Better Bee Certified farms follow a set of Production Standards that create a safer environment that is rich in wildflowers, provides nesting areas, and is protected from pesticides.

For consumers, look for the Bee Better seal on products and purchase to support Bee Better practices. 

Better Blues from Homegrown Organic Farms

In 2020, Homegrown Organic Farms’ Oregon blueberries became Bee Better certified. This was a big win! It has given the company a tangible opportunity to support practices that benefit not only the pollinators but also the crops that are being grown. Homegrown also encourages consumers to do what they can to support Bee Better. Keep an eye out for the Bee Better seal on the produce you purchase, and if you want to go the extra mile, plant pollinator-friendly flowers in your garden! The hope is that, as we look to the future of produce, more farms and consumers will choose to take the Bee Better route. In the meantime, do what you can today.

Homegrown Organic Farms Better Bee blueberries

How You Can Bee Better

In addition to shopping the Better Bee seal, you can support pollinators in your own landscaping and home gardens! To support each stage of a pollinators lifecycle at home: plant pollinator-friendly flowers, create nesting habitats, and avoid pesticide use.

Visit the Better Bee Certified website to learn more about protecting pollinators and how you can make a difference. Join the #BetterBee conversations on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

Monarch butterfly on a blueberry flower