Organic Blueberry Seasons

Organic Blueberry Seasons

With the start of the 2021 season, it couldn’t be a better time to do so! Compared to organic citrus’ seasonal timeline the simplicity that blueberries offer is refreshing. As you know, a lack of complexity in produce cultivation is as rare as it is delightful, especially when you crave our plump, juicy, sweet organic blueberries.

Remember blueberry season with this easy fun fact: at Homegrown we launch in California and wrap in Oregon; a season that lasts the entire summer.


California Blueberry Season

Our California blueberry season begins each spring when the warmth returns, to allow the budding berries to develop their classic coloring and sweetness. In some areas, the blueberries are covered with hoops (to increase temperatures) to accelerate the process of growing stunning berries.

During harvest, we only pick the berries when they’re ready—and that’s final! We know they are ready for harvest when they are sweet, deeply blue colored, and juicy. As you might imagine this requires many passes through the field and takes a team of dedicated, knowledgeable people to accomplish; to ensure each pass is done with care.

When June rolls around, don’t fret, we’ve got Oregon’s crop up next!


Oregon Blueberry Season

Oregon’s organic blueberry growers focus on different varieties than California, but you can expect the same top-notch quality. The Oregon blueberry season begins in June and harvests through September, allowing our team to bring blueberries to markets near you for nearly the entire year.


Blueberry Varietals

For the seasoned berry veteran, a list of varieties you may come across in Homegrown packaging:

Snow Chaser | Ventura | San Joaquin | Abundance | Suziblue
Duke | Draper | MegasBlue | Titan | Aroura | Overtime

Don’t know the difference in varieties? Don’t fret, they all taste divine and there’s no time like the present to find your favorite.

Learn more about our organic blueberry program, our growers, and when you’re done, brush up on your citrus availability once more. Then, keep your eyes peeled because our blueberries have only just begun!

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